Kyuhachi - Tools from fire in Japan

A tool of the beginning of ancient Japan.

Our company ”Koshinokasho Kyuhachi” produce high quality goods -
designed plain and refined,include capabilities,and is eco-friendly.

はじまりの火-Fire of beginning-

Japan has a long history of using fire, such as hearths, braziers, and stoves, thus distinctive tools were created along with the fire culture.
“Fire-making” axes and hatchets are made by Echigo (Niigata prefecture) blacksmiths that they are using traditional technique.
Kyuhachi will propose fire tools that combine the unique Japanese sense and craftsmanship.


”Japanese fire tools” that combines Japanese tradition and unique sense, the skills of blacksmiths, leather craftsmen, and designers.
We deliver high-quality products that take into consideration function, design, and the environment, woven with carefully selected materials and refined techniques, to all ”fire lovers”.

A full tang sharp axe with proper hardness.

The angle of the double-edged blade is designed for chopping wood. It avoids the blade chipping, and it provides stable chopping.

Useful for light work in outdoor. The size is comfortable in your hand.

A Sakura, cherrywood-handle knife that provides fitness from natural texture.

In Japan, there is an edge tool called ”NATA”.

A double-edged hatchet designed from the Shitada district of Niigata Prefecture with a ”beak” on the tip of the blade. The ”beak” has a variety of functions, such as pulling in vines, pulling down branches from high places, and gathering small pieces of firewood.