About us

Old-fashioned "fire making"

There is a life culture that uses fire in Japan. Hearths, braziers, and stoves have been used since ancient times.
There are various “tools” that go along with it. People’s daily life with “fire tools” that is made by Nokaji (downtown/farmer’s blacksmith) had been changed along with changes in our lifestyles…..It just became something a little bit more special.
Wood-burning stove was imported to Japan. More people demand to enjoy a bonfire while relaxing outdoors, and they know the joy of “handling fire” in their daily lives.

Who we are

Where we live

We are in northern Japan called Niigata Prefecture, where snow is deep. Agriculture and fisheries are thriving. The area is also famous for rice cultivation and sake. There are also many ski resorts due to the large amount of snow.
During long winters, firewood flames used to keep people alive at the old time. Now the fire in the wood stove gives us a gentle warmth.

We produce the Kyuhachi brand.

◆ Blacksmith
Niigata Prefecture has an area famous for blacksmithing, they are called Echigo Kaji. They specialize on each field, axes, hatchets, cooking knives, agricultural tools, carpenter tools, and so on.

Axe and hatchet blacksmiths use forging techniques cultivated over history. Steel materials are quenched and tempered to a hardness and viscosity suitable for the purpose of use, and then sharpen them at the optimum angle.

◆Leather craftsman
We carefully check whether there are any large scratches or discoloration on the front and back of the leather. We carefully sew them by hand.