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Kyuhachi Temasakari Tomotsuka Black All-Steel (KY-TTK)

◆Kyuhachi Temasakari Tomotsuka Black All-Steel (KY-TTK)

This axe with double-edge is made by flexible and sharp all-steel.
The angle of the blade is designed for chopping wood.
This angle prevents the blade from chipping,furthermore it stabilize the sharpness for chopping wood.

The back side of the axe head can be hit with a mallet or firewood to break woods into small pieces.
The full tang that is integrated with the handle and the blade will not wobble like wooden handle, so anyone can use it with safe.

length : 300mm (BLADE / 130mm)
black all-steel / nylon paracord / cow leather

tax included:¥19.800
exclusive of tax:¥18.000