Kyuhachi Hashinata Tomotsuka Black All-Steel(KY-HT)

◆Kyuhachi Hashinata Tomotsuka Black All-Steel(KY-HT)

This double-edged hatchet has a “beak” on the tip of the blade.
Its design is unique to the Shitada district of Niigata Prefecture.
The “beak” has a variety of functions, such as pulling in vines, pulling down branches from high places, and gathering small pieces of firewood.
In addition this beak prevents blade spillage.

This hatchet also has an integrated hatchet head and handle,called “tomotsuka”.
You can use this hatchet without rattling, unlike the hatchet with wooden hilt.

You can chop firewood by hitting the backside of the blade with a mallet.

length : 360mm (BLADE / 165mm)
black all-steel / nylon paracord / cow leather

tax included:¥19.800
exclusive of tax:¥18.000