Kyuhachi Sayanata Tomotsuka Black All Steel (KY-HT)

◆Kyuhachi Sayanata Tomotsuka Black All Steel (KY-HT)

This single-edged hatchet has a sharp long blade.
You can use it for all-around purposes such as splitting, cutting, and scraping.
If you hold the handle short, it will be suitable for detailed work,like chopping small firewood.

This hatchet also has an integrated hatchet head and handle,called “tomotsuka”.
You can use this hatchet without rattling,so you can use it a long time by take good care of it.

The handle of this hatchet become slightly wide towards the end of the handle.
So this hatchet prevents slipping out of your hand and guarantee safety.

length : 360mm (BLADE / 180mm)
black all-steel / nylon paracord / cow leather

tax included:¥19.800
exclusive of tax:¥18.000